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Manith Thaing, California, United State


Srun Sochea, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


My name is Manith Thaing, and I am the founder of the House of Thaing. 

House of Thaing started as my dream to represent my Cambodian identity through clothing, by integrating it into my everyday wardrobe.


In 2018, I connected with a Khmer seamstress named Srun Sochea in Cambodia, who could breathe life into my imagination of creating fabrics found in Cambodian into beautiful, bold, colorful, and playful clothing. 
Meeting her allowed us to create my vision into reality and give her the financial opportunity to support her family. The compensation we provide her with we hope will create a better environment for her to thrive in her career. Our dream is as we expand, we will be able to assist many other seamstress families with the same financial opportunity.


Besides providing opportunities for these families, House of Thaing continues to donate to programs like Devata Giving Circle, Khmer Parents of Long Beach, and the National Cambodian Heritage Museum and Killing Fields Memorial. With each skirt purchased, House of Thaing will donate to more Khmer Programs across the Nation.


Thank you for your purchase and the financial opportunity to assist this organization and families in Cambodia. 

House of Thaing blend colorful Cambodia fabric with vintage style clothing.

Each clothing is handmade by our team of women in Cambodia.

With every purchase, your support can help empower, and bring financial freedom

To these women, who are the financial provider for their families.

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